5 ways to keep kids busy during travel
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Travel is an integral part of our holidays. In fact, when we travel, we give our kids a lot more exposure and learning opportunities than school and classrooms. SimpleeGood brings to you 5 super cool ways to keep your kids busy during travel minus the screens and gadgets!

Who doesn’t like to travel? We all are nomads at heart. The prospect of leaving the routine life behind to embrace a new journey, even if for a brief while, rejuvenates each one of us. Most of us are gearing up for the holiday season ahead. And travel is bound to be a part of this. Here is how we can make travelling with family, friends and loved ones not a chore, and can enjoy the journey as much as the destination.

Kids like to enjoy more during the travel. But gone are the days when we would spend hours peering out of the window gazing at the clouds, the fields that zipped by whether we took road or train.

Walk into any airport, bus stop or train coach, today, you will find people hooked to their mobile phone screens, laptops, iPads and lot more , the concept of travelling together is totally lost. We are all lost in our own connected world where we have no time, not even during our vacations and travelling, to really interact with each other and enjoy each other’s company.

We have lined up some wonderful ideas to keep kids busy without hooking them onto internet, mobile phones and gadgets.

  • Flights of fancy- Ideal toys for an outdoor picnic or a fun travel to a resort: When you are going on a long drive or taking the road to your destination, you are bound to take some stops for refreshments and mini-picnics along the way. These toys are amazingly simple, lightweight and give immense joy to girls and boys alike. The Balloon Helicopter and DIY Aeroplane provide the right dose of excitement and keep little ones busy while you have a cup of coffee near the road side eatery.


  • Test their brains- Ideal for sudden rainfalls, flight delays, snags, and when there is nothing to do! The best way to keep a buzzing bub busy is with a puzzle. These sturdy, compact puzzles do not take any space at all, but are sure to keep your little geniuses occupied while you soak in the vacation. Try the Magic Steel Puzzle  or the Math Puzzle ; you will not be able to take them away from them for a long time!


  • Little explorers- When you are going out, you never know what might catch your child’s fancy. It could be an ant, or a small ladybird. Why let their curiosity go waste? Pack this little magnifier glass in bugs design , a perfect way to keep them engaged in the garden, while you take a stroll or read a book. They can even make their own games with this, may be writing words in super small size and asking friends to decode what they have written! When it comes to exploring, the possibilities are endless.


  • Strategy card games- It’s hard to imagine kids not asking you to join them in for some fun from time to time. Unless they see adults enjoying what they are doing, kids are not going to play or keep themselves happily occupied during travel. Ditch your Smartphone and gadgets, and start playing with your little ones. How about a game of UNO? This is one game which everyone enjoys, whatever the age. And here are some options, take your pick!


  • Going back down the memory lane- We all remember those long summer days when we would spend hours playing monopoly. There was so much to do and learn from this game. Monopoly is right here in a neat compact travel friendly size in the form of Monopoly Deal Card Game. Perfect to break the ice between cousins who haven’t met each other in a long time. The  pictureka card game provides similar opportunities and a lot of fun to children and grownups alike!

Travel is a great way to bond as a family. Between packing endless clothes, emergency medicines, shoes, jackets, food and so on, no one really cares about how the kids are going to pass the time while they are away from their familiar surroundings. Carrying their huge toys and other gadgets is neither possible nor advisable, as many toys are neither travel friendly nor allowed at airports / travel bags due to safety regulations. The pocket size games help kids learn a few new tricks, force them to think and learn about strategy, patterns, memory, and a lot more. They also make for a great gift or return gift option for your child’s birthday party.

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